Symposium Organizing Team


Madison Performance Philosophy Collective:  Tom ArmbrechtJames Burling, Jill H. CasidPaola HernándezK. Frances Lieder, Tomislav Longinović, Megan Marsh-McGlone, Jon McKenzie, Dijana Mitrović, Mark NelsonFrédéric Neyrat, Michael Peterson, Jen PlantsAndrew SalyerKatie Schaag, Christopher William Wolter

Madison Performance Philosophy Collective (est. 2013) is an interdisciplinary assemblage of artist-scholars in the Madison, WI area. We are a regional branch of the international Performance Philosophy research network. Our interests and experiences range from theatre and drama to relational aesthetics to new media to political philosophy, and we are each, to varying degrees, both artists and scholars.

In addition to our core questions about theory-practice, we are also strongly invested in democratizing knowledge and promoting a de-hierarchized form of performance philosophy beyond the “ivory tower.” Accordingly, we actively engage in community outreach, investigating key questions at the heart of performance philosophy while also building and strengthening community between artists and scholars within and outside of academic institutions.

In April 2014 we presented our inaugural event MAD THEORY, an experimental and dynamic time and space to demonstrate and discuss exciting new work. Supported with an Interim Event Grant from Performance Philosophy, the symposium featured diverse approaches to performance and philosophy: lecture performances, experimental talks, live art, interactive installations, roundtable discussions, durational work, and hybrid theory-practice sessions.

In June 2014 we performed at the Theatre, Performance, Philosophy conference at Paris-Sorbonne University. In April 2015 we will present a site-specific performance at the 2nd Biennial Performance Philosophy Conference “What Can Performance Philosophy Do?” in Chicago, and in March we will present MAD THEORY 2, supported by the UW-Madison Arts Institute and the Madison Public Library.



Symposium Core Organizing Committee

Burling-ITSJames Burling is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he studies participatory theatre and augmented reality games. He also works as a consultant for the UW Designlab, and he writes educator’s guides for the Overture Center for Performing Arts OnStage program. In his spare time he enjoys travel, video games, playing piano, chinchillas, and reading archaic science fiction.





Dijana Mitrović is a PhD candidate in Literary and Theatre Studies at UW-Madison.  Her dissertation focuses on the representation of the body in interwar theatre of modernism and avant-garde, while her additional interests include performance art, theory, ethics, biopolitics, and protest as performance.






andrew_profile_pic31Andrew Salyer is a conceptual artist, curator, and PhD student in Art Theory and Practice at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He works in various media including photography, performance, drawing, audio, video, sculpture, and installation. His current project involves a critical investigation of the structures that subtly and peripherally shape and construct identities with a focus on cultivated failure, disruption, humor, masculinity, minimalism, politics, power, and race.






headshotKatie Schaag is a PhD candidate in English Literature at University of Wisconsin-Madison, researching race and the avant-garde, modernist theatricality, contemporary performance, and the politics of aesthetic experimentation.  Her additional interests include gender/feminist/queer theory, theatre theory, performativity, plasticity, and intersections of scholarly inquiry and creative practice.  She is also an artist who works with text, audio, video, performance, and installation.



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