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MAD THEORY 2: A Performance Philosophy Symposium
Madison Public Library Central Branch, 3rd Floor
Saturday, March 21st, 2015 

MAD THEORY 2 is an exciting and dynamic art-theory-action event at the intersection of performance and philosophy.  The symposium features diverse approaches to theory and practice: experimental lectures, live performances, digital media, interactive installations, and participatory workshops.

We invite you to investigate conversation as performance, relational power dynamics, social sculpture, and navigation of public space in everyday life. Dance like no one is watching, record the sound of your own breath, take part in a micro-nomadic artist residency, and cultivate your own style of disruptive spect-actor-ship.

The day is action-packed with live presentations and participatory workshops, concurrent interactive installations, and a video program. With mediums ranging from sound, dance, and film to magnetic data tape, neon, and light, the programming features experimental happenings such as collaboratively produced scripts and scores, opera of operations, and real-time poetic/musical composition; physical theatre, devised theatre, and toy theatre; and teleconferencing, Skype performance, and smartphone-based audience participation.

Activating the politics of aesthetics, projects explore urgent issues such as #BlackLivesMatter and activist performance art, incarceration and embodied abolitionist theory, and “I Can’t Breathe” and the sonic politics of breath. From queer reproduction and feminist satire to human/machine interface and cyborg consciousness; from persona, myth, and fiction to documentation, remix, and reappropriation; and from geopolitics, surveillance, and liminality to cultural and linguistic (mis)translation and (mis)communication, the programming showcases an exhilarating range of critical approaches, perspectives, and methods at the interface of theory and practice. MAD THEORY 2 is not to be missed!

This event is presented by the Madison Performance Philosophy Collective with generous support from UW-Madison Arts InstituteThe Bubbler at Madison Public Library, and Center for the Humanities, and co-sponsored by Art + Scholarship A.W. Mellon Workshop, UW-Madison English Department, UW-Madison Art Department, and Performance Philosophy.

Free and open to the public.

View the At-A-Glance Schedule here

View the full color Program Booklet here

Claim a spot to visit installations or participate in durational projects here

Registration:  Please confirm your attendance at MAD THEORY 2.  Register here: http://madtheory2.bpt.me/

Suggested Donation: MAD THEORY 2 is free and open to the public, and our plan is to provide coffee, snacks, and lunch. However, we are not receiving institutional support for our food budget, and so the members of our collective are self-funding the food for the conference. Thus, while the conference will remain free and a donation is entirely optional, we would really appreciate a donation if you can afford it, to contribute to the conference lunch and coffee/snacks throughout the day.  We are suggesting a donation of $0 to $20. Please donate as much as you are able to — any help will be greatly appreciated!  Donate here: http://madtheory2.bpt.me/


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